ABOUT Triumphest

Triumphest is a three-day event that occurs once every year and is usually held in either California, Nevada, or Arizona.  It is open to anyone who has a Triumph automobile and wishes to attend.  People from as far away as Canada or the East Coast have attended,

This year, the San Diego Club is hosting the event and will be holding it in San Diego at the Dana Resort in Mission Bay.  This is a beautiful resort with plenty of amenities.  Many activities are scheduled, and it is a fun way to say hello to all your Triumph friends near and far. 

Relax and Have fun

A Bit Different

This year we are trying something a bit different.  We have picked out the most popular and fun items of past Triumphests. yet kept the weekend from being too busy to allow you to do your own thing.  We have a relaxed attitude down here, and our Triumphest is made for it.

The Dana

We picked one of the best hotels here in San Diego, the Dana.  It is priced right, located on the water, and has plenty of amenities.  Resort fees and parking fees are waved, and there is free breakfast.  We are excited about it and are sure you will enjoy it.


Part of the fun of Triumphest is meeting and socializing with the other Triumph people.  It’s been shown that Triumph Owners are a fun bunch.  From the Meet and Greet when you first come in, to the two fine dinners we have planned, and the other activities scheduled, there are plenty of opportunities to socialize and have fun.